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A musical path is lively by the spirit and seeks an spirit to share: this is the mission, profound and intense that characterizes to Capella Peregrina, that spontaneously links with those languages that engage in the same direction, in all its varieties.

The etymology of the word Peregrina refers to: per (preposition)  through, aegrn: cultivated field, aje: suffix. That means, to cross a cultivated field, a transformational path. In mysticism CAPELLA  is the temple, the rose in the cabal, the heart. In the chapel were assembled the musicians formerly. Both terms refer to the spiritual and musical nature of the route to follow artistically. 


Dario Zappia (violin)

Mercedes Palomar (violín)

Lorena Paiva (viola)

Florencia Genera (cello)

Gustavo Twardy (conductor) 

Matías Ursino (double bass)

Soledad Hermo (flute)        

Mariano Migliora (saxo)

Margarita Rodríguez Planes (percussion)


By this will of inquiry on non-conventional roads, Capella Peregrina includes rare instruments in "classical music" such as didgeridoo, crystal bowls, derbake, theremin, etc interpreted by the stable musicians.


Capella Peregrina has been awarded the "Mecenazgo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires" and it has been declared of cultural interest with its project "Audiovisual Concert" which through the National Fund for the Arts, performs works integrating film that incorporates contemporary dance and artworks by the celebrated artist Eugenio Cuttica.

Founded and guided by Gustavo Twardy, its director, Capella Peregrina has performed in Museo Fernandez Blanco, Casa Fernandez Blanco, Usina del Arte, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, La Abadía (Museo Latinoamericano), La Scala de San Telmo, Salón Dorado de La Plata, The Empire Teatre and among other renowned venues in Buenos Aires.


"There are ways of listening, there is a listening of the body ..."
                                                                                 Gustavo Twardy
He founded Capella Peregrina in 2011, from then on he has traveled various repertoires and formations. Gustavo Twardy, composer and musical director, encourages this artistic search in community with the members of Capella Peregrina. He has received the National Bicentennial Fund for the Arts "Bicentennial to the Creation", to release his original compositions, filmed with dance in the atelier of the artist Eugenio Cuttica. He has also premiered his works with lyrics by the poet and linguist Ivonne Bordelois, with whom he continues to work in an intense artistic work. Formed in composition with teachers Eva Lopzsyck and Valdo Sciammarella, His works have been premiered by artists such as Fernanda Morello, José Luis Juri, Eugenia Fuente, José Araujo, among others, in prestigious venues such as Centro Cultural Kirchner, Usina del Arte , Casa Museo Fernández Blanco. He has premiered the semi-opera "Women who do not sleep", about female poetry from Rio de la Plata with Alfredo Martin. Also emphasizes his work in music for theater and cinema. He has served as assistant director of the "Symphony Orchestra of Bs. As city. " And "Choir and Orchestra of the UBA". He has been guest conductor of the Municipal Youth Orchestra San Martin and the Cdad Symphony Orchestra of Buenos Aires.
gustavo twardy



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